Foreclosed Homes

Dennis Walters Real Estate Group has been involved in all aspects of real estate for over 28 years.

As Certified Distressed Property Experts and Certified Agents they can guide you through both the selling of pre-foreclosure properties and the purchase of HUD and foreclosed homes. As a client of Dennis Walters Real Estate Group you will benefit in the following ways:

1. Help in the initial selection and purchase of the foreclosed property.

2. To get you the best possible price on the foreclosed property.

3. To assist you in securing the best possible financing on the foreclosed property.

4. Being aware of all the problems and pitfalls that can arise when buying a foreclosed property and knowing how to solve them.

5. Having access to the largest inventory of foreclosed properties and making sure you get the right property for you.

Feel free to call Dennis at (317) 414-0522 or use the contact form below to email Dennis any questions you may have about foreclosed homes:


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